Regathering Plans | 5.21.20

Our leadership teams continue to have conversations about when and how to regather for in-person Sunday worship services. At the moment, we do not have concrete plans as the situation is still fluid. However, we wanted to answer a few common questions as we continue to wait for more info:

  • How will Park decide when to regather for Sunday worship? Our primary way of deciding how and when to regather for Sunday worship is simply to follow the regulations and recommendations from our state government and health officials. Once gathering as a church is allowed, we will consider the unique make-up and culture of Park Community Church and make decisions that seem wise and right for our church family.
  • Can Community Groups or various small groups of people from church gather? Yes! We ask that you comply with the state’s latest recommendations, but by all means gather as seems appropriate to you and in accordance with the state’s regulations and recommendations.
  • Will we offer KidsPark once we regather? We have made the decision not to offer KidsPark for the summer months as many of our volunteers and families have expressed concern about doing so. We hope to restart KidsPark in September. In the meantime, our Family Ministries Director Emily Hedstrom is coming up with creative ways to keep kids and families connected over the summer months. 
  • When we do regather, what will our gatherings look like? Will we have pastries, coffee, communion? Will we be required to wear masks? Will we be required to stay 6′ apart? Will we be allowed to sing? etc. We don’t know. These are all things that we continue to think through and discuss from every angle. We will communicate more of these details as there is more to communicate. Until then, please continue to join our Facebook Live Stream Sundays at 10am, meet with small groups of people from church as allowed by the state, and practice Christian charity to people who have different opinions than you.
  • Will we do outdoor worship services? At this time we are discussing this as a possibility for the future but are trying to consider all of the unpredictable variables involved in outdoor services.
Lastly, we’d encourage you to read this great article from The Gospel Coalition – Church, Don’t let Coronavirus Divide You, and consider these helpful questions the EFCA is encouraging us to ask – Reopen or Continue Offsite? The timing and manner in which we regather for Sunday worship is sure to be met with many different opinions and perspectives. As Christians, we ought to set an example much different than the one we see in culture by: 1) letting our reasonableness be evident to all (Phil 4:5), 2) listening before we speak (James 1:19), in humility considering others more significant than ourselves (Phil 2:3), among others. So, please keep these things in mind as you interact with your own personal spheres of influence and your church family.
We love you and can’t wait to gather in person again to worship Jesus alongside you! Until that day comes, we continue to trust that God is working in and through each of us for His glory, the good of His church, and the advancement of His kingdom.
In Christ – For Christ,
Pastor Andrew