Living out the life of the church as the family of God.

Community Groups meet regularly in homes throughout the area to form a deeper connection with God, each other, and our community. We study the Bible, pray, share life together, and serve the community. The goal is not to know more people, but to know people more.

If you are interested in joining a CG, contact us in the form below. If one of the current groups doesn’t work for you, please let us know!

Bill & Judy Gullifer, Jim & Marilynn Blomberg (FULL) SUN 5:00p SLP Multi-Generational Yes
Bill & Mary Obert SUN 6:00p SLP Mixed
Mark & Jenn Johnson MON 7:00p Robbinsdale Multi-Generational Yes
Kyle & Katy Pitts, Amanda Engelmeyer MON 6:30p SLP Multi-Generational Yes
Seth & Anna Schuett MON 6:00p Golden Valley Multi-Generational Yes
Nate & Dana Isder (FULL) TUE 6:30p Golden Valley/SLP Multi-Generational Yes
Jackson & Becca Sullivan (FULL) TUE 6:00p Crystal Multi-Generational Yes
Marcus & Libby Barrios, Ben & Jenni Brandt WED 6:30p SLP Multi-Generational Yes
Michael & Samantha Ewert WED 6:00p SLP Multi-Generational Yes
Tim & Angie Hitterdal WED 6:00p SLP Empty Nesters
Grant & Amber Larsen (FULL) WED 7:00p SLP Young Adults
Zach & Brooke Vidlund WED 7:30p Robbinsdale Young Adults
Wayne & Mary Widmer WED 7:00p NE SLP/Cedar Lk Mixed
Ross & Jen Eggers THU 7:00p SLP Multi-Generational Yes


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